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Homeless Committee

Committee Members:  Jack O'Connor (Chair), Diane Guillerman, Johnny Lozano

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Committee Report from Johnny Lozano September 8, 2014

We meet every Friday,and we met today also we have come to the conclusion that the city will not help with our fight on the panhandlers. So we are preparing documentation to present to the media of the dangers of the panhandlers they are bringing drug dealers into our neighborhoods all of a sudden we are having more murders on our side of town. They are living behind stores, and uncut lots in our area.They themselves are in danger of panhandling on these small intersections. Not to mention hurting property values in our area. The city did jump in helped us when we found prostitutes working the esplanades along with the panhandlers we were on TV and gave a report on it.two days later I received an email from the police dept wanting to know where we saw this I told them,and they said they would get right on it. A few days later I read where they broke up a prostitute ring in Alief. We have not seen them working the esplanades since. So we are going to continue our fight only through the media,and then maybe the city will decide to join in the fight.

Homeless Committee Letter

The following is the latest revision of our homeless letter. Please distribute to your neighborhood home owners associations and/or any interested parties. The more people that read the information the better chance we have to help those that are in need, and rid ourselves of the panhandlers in our area. We need your assistance in getting the message out.


Dear Neighbor,

SN17 is a chartered group formed to communicate and bring focus on issues that affect our 23 Home Owners Associations on the West Side of Houston. The purpose of this letter is to alert you to a growing blight on our neighborhoods that impacts public safety, our businesses and property values.

The Panhandlers who station themselves at intersections to ask for money are not what they seem to be. They are rarely homeless and do not want food; they want cash, many times for alcohol or drugs. The average panhandler makes upwards of $200 per day, sometimes more, and they come from as far as Dallas and New Orleans. Our Homeless Committee is directing those who want and need genuine help to places that offer a path to restoration.

Panhandlers expose themselves to danger while walking around intersections. The distractions they present to motorists have caused accidents and fatalities in the area of Hwy 6 and Westheimer. They also intimidate motorists at gas stations. We want the panhandlers to leave, yet the number of persons at the intersections continues to grow.

To stop this danger to our neighborhoods we have one strong recommendation: Do not give panhandlers money. We are working with the Westside Command of HPD to clear the intersections; their recommendation is to refrain from giving the panhandlers anything. Your help in this matter is vital in eradicating this problem. Please alert your friends and neighbors to this problem. We can use everyones help.


Jack O’Connor - Chairman of the Homeless Committee
Doug Parrish - President SN 17

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