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Beautification/Quality-of-Life Committee

Committee Members:  Diane Guillerman (Co-Chair)

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This committee works to see that the area within the SN's boundaries are clean, graffiti-free, and addresses other quality of life issues.  The committee is also working with other area SNs to pursue a recycling center and promote area Farmers' Markets.    




Council Member Al Hoang met with the Director of Public Works and Deputy Director of the Street and Drainage division regarding improvements to Dairy Ashford. They confirmed to the Council Member that Public Works will be performing significant maintenance on Dairy Ashford between Buffalo Bayou and Westheimer as originally planned. Council Member Hoang asked them to also evaluate Dairy Ashford south of Westheimer, and they did, and based on that evaluation, committed to making repairs at that stretch during the next six months. 

It’s important to note that Public Works no longer overlays concrete roadways (like Dairy Ashford) with asphalt. Laying a couple of inches of asphalt raises the roadway’s grade (height), thus reducing the amount of street storm water conveyance the street can accommodate. Though the SNAP request was approved as an “overlay”, more significant work (and a longer lasting product) will be performed as a result of the panel replacement and concrete repair which are currently underway. Additionally, pedestrian ramps will be upgraded as needed with panel replacements to meet ADA requirements.

To recap:Buffalo Bayou to Westheimer: This section is planned for panel replacement and concrete repair. Pedestrian ramps will also be upgraded as needed with panel replacements to meet ADA requirements. This work is currently underway. Westheimer to Westpark Toll: Despite initial plans to not do anything at this stretch, Council Member Hoang asked the Director to reevaluate, and they did. This section will now receive multi-panel replacement and concrete point repair as well. This work is planned to be accomplished by December 2012.


If you see graffiti, please report it to 311 (have the address of the graffiti'ed building ready). 



Also, dumpsters must be enclosed.  If you see a commercial establishment that does not have its dumpsters properly enclosed, you should report it to 311. 



Please report any "attention getting devices" that you see in violation of Houston's ordinance, discussed below:
Section 28-37 of the Houston Code of Ordinances prohibits any commercial business from placing any attention getting device on any public or private property within the City of Houston.  

"Attention Getting Device" is defined as anything placed so as to attract attention to any commercial business, including but not limited to the following: banners, cut out figures, discs, festooning, balloons, non-governmental flags, pennants, propellers, steam- or smoke- producing devices, streamers, whirligigs, wind devices, blinking, rotating, moving, chasing, flashing, glaring, strobe, scintillating, search, flood or spot lights, or similar devices.  The definition excludes any structure that is permitted under the Houston Sign Code, Chapter 46 of the Building Code.
Fine: $300-$500 per violation (each day a violation occurs is a separate offense).
Reporting: the best course of action is to drive through your super neighborhood, make a note of any violations you wish to report, then submit one exhaustive list.  The new ordinance is being enforced by the Public Works & Engineering Department's Sign Administration Division. 

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