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Flooding and Drainage Committee

Committee Members:  Nick Kornuta (Chair)

Contact the Committee

This committee works to address the serious issues facing west Houston caused by flooding and drainage problems.  The committee chair attends the monthly meetings of the City's Flooding and Drainage Committee and keeps abreast of events/initiatives regarding flooding and drainage.

If you would like to get involved, please contact the committee.


The City of Houston is making more and more flooding and drainage decisions based upon self-reported 3-1-1 data.  3-1-1 data is being used in the design phase of the Memorial Drive reconstruction project to identify areas with high flooding potential and to help work out drainage models.  Also, relating to the search for an acceptable Buffalo Bayou Mitigating Detention site, the SWMP (Storm Water Management Program), and its Comprehensive Drainage Plan, are based in part on 3-1-1 data (see http://www.swmp.org/index.asp).  3-1-1 data is also used to help the city prioritize drainage projects for future CIP projects.  
So, if you have had flooding issues and they have not been reported to the city, the city does not know about it.  The city can only act on what it knows.  Please report any flooding concerns to 311 - the email address is below.   You may attach photos or any other materials you have that demonstrate the flooding in your neighborhoods.  In addition, if you have experienced flooding, it is very important that you fill out the city's Flooding Survey (link below) - even if your next door neighbor has already done so.  This is particularly true if you have experienced structural flooding (inside your home).

To the SN delegates:  Please notify your respective neighborhood or organization's residents/members in the most effective manner (websites, e-blasts, discussion forums, newsletter, person to person, HOA meetings) possible that it is crucial to report any flooding.
Email 3-1-1 With Attachments: 311@houstontx.gov

Buffalo Bayou

In 2012 the Harris County Flood Control District distributed copies of the draft Charting Buffalo study on memory sticks. There is an online copy of that large (77 Meg) file.

Click on the panoramic image below for a large annotated panorama of the proposed flood-detention basins.


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