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The Organization

Full EWOSN Council

Currently, the Eldridge/West Oaks SN is comprised of representatives from twenty-three neighborhoods and organizations.  Any business, non-profit, community or neighborhood organization lying within the SN's boundaries is welcome to join the EWOSN Council.  Please see the Maps page for boundaries.

Executive Committee Officers


Jack O'Connor

Vice President

John Lozano


Sherry Lamb & Diane Guillerman

 Rhonda Kelley


Beautification/Quality-of-Life Committee
TBD (Chair), Virgie Manning

By-Laws Committee
Entire Executive Council

Flooding and Drainage Committee
Nick Kornuta (Chair)

Homeless Committee
Johnny Lozano

Infrastructure Committee
Cindy Yeglin (Chair), Virgie Manning

Membership Committee
Cindy Yeglin, Diane Guillerman

Security Committee
Johnny Lozano (Chair)

Speakers Committee
Jack O'Connor (Chair)

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